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MM Credit range of specialty loans for easy loans in Singapore

Payday loan

An instant cash loan in Singapore to get you through till your next pay. One time payment, one time repayment, no hassles.

Personal loan

A versatile loan that you can use for one or multiple reasons. We don't ask and you don't have to tell.

Fast cash loan

Super-fast cash instant cash loan in Singapore for those times when you cannot wait.

SME business loan

Want to start a business or fund an existing one? This is the easy loan in Singapore you need!

Debt consolidation loan

Too many debts that you cannot track and end up defaulting? Debt consolidation is the simple, streamlined solution.

Renovation loan

Tired of the same four walls, especially with the lockdowns? Add a splash of colour and style - it's great for the soul!

Medical loan

Necessary urgent surgery or voluntary procedures such as liposuction and nose jobs, this loan has you covered. Privacy guaranteed.

Taxi/Grab/Gojek loan

Why not get a loan for something that will help you pay it back even faster? Private car hire is booming!

Study loan

Set your kids up for a better future or go back to school to upgrade your own skills. A study loan is a great investment all round.

Is what you need not on the list? No problem – we will create one just for you!

MM Credit is the only legal money lender in Singapore you need.

Best licensed money lender in Singapore – MM Credit

MM Credit is your friendly neighbourhood legal money lender. Our team is made up of your neighbours and friends, the people you see every day. We know you and we understand your problems. Most of all, we appreciate the opportunity to help you and value the trust you put in us.

At MM Credit, your privacy is guaranteed. Whether you need an SME business loan, a medical loan, or a personal loan in Singapore, we treat your identity and details with the utmost care. Our website is SSL encrypted, which ensures the privacy and integrity of all your communications with us.

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Need an instant cash loan in Singapore?

Get it from your friendly neighbourhood legal money lender, MM Credit

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